About Us

Welcome to the home of Miracle Bee Skincare and Hungry Bee Honey. We pride ourselves in producing small scale honey across Central West NSW and creating amazing skincare from that honey and the beeswax our bees produce.

With only 100 hives, you are getting truly small scale boutique honeys and skincare crafted by the bees and beekeeper and without the use of pesticides at any stage in our process. Beekeeping since the age of 16, our founder Chris and his family work hard to keep the bees who produce the products you love in tip top condition.

Our signature skincare products are our lip balm, body butter and creams. No other business in Australia makes Raw Honey Cream and Lotion and we have formulated this product with a minimum of ingredients to ensure maximum benefit for your skin without the risk of reaction to some of the nasty products commonly used in cosmetics. Once you try it we are convinced you will love it. 

Please note, we sell all of our honeys through our stockists locally in Orange NSW and at the Orange Farmers Market. Honeys sold on our website are for postage and so are packed in pvc packaging. We do not have a shopfront that  you can visit so I strongly recommend you visit our stall at the Orange Farmers Market on the second Saturday of each month.